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Third Lung

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Describe your music in three words

Anthemic. Passionate. Pensive.

You guys have been pretty busy over lockdown, what have you been up to?

(Tom) As far as gigs go during lockdown, we were lucky enough to perform at a few. The first was a socially distanced sold out gig at The Trinity Bar in Harrow in December 2020.  We then hosted a live performance stream in partnership with Generation Studios in February and honestly we were a little overwhelmed with how many people bought tickets and tuned in for that! They showed us so much support. 

After this we had the absolute pleasure of being involved with OUT OF THE BOX FEST in March, organised by the team at Henley Theatre Services.  What the guys managed to put on there truly amazed us.  All the performances can still be seen via their YouTube page and we’d certainly recommend checking it out.

Lastly we headed into London to film a performance at the 606 Club in Chelsea but we’re not allowed to fully announce that one yet so keep em peeled for that….

Tell us about your memories of Reading gigs & your favourite venues

(Tom) Cams and I met at Reading College back in the day. We’d go to and play at The Fez Club, Oz Bar, The After Dark, Scream etc.  One of the first gigs I snuck into was at The Fez when I was 15 . I couldn’t believe my luck at the time. I remember seeing The School for the Gifted which was pretty random for me back then. I wouldn’t know him personally until years later but seeing Ashley Stone on stage, whaling like a demon always left a lasting impression. That, and getting served and kissing that pretty girl in the cloak room.. I also remember that. LOL!

(Cams) My first gig experience in Reading was the 360 Club at Reading UNI seeing TRAVIS on the Man Who tour. I saw Fran Healy losing his shit on stage and thought, I want to do that.  These days we go to and play The Turtle, South ST, Facebar and Pav’s mainly. We’ve got a Reading gig in the works atm and will be announcing that very soon.

Has lockdown effected the music you are choosing to listen to?

(Cams) I seem to be listening to a lot of classical music playlists and gaming music playlists at the moment. It’s great background music number one but I also find that it really opens me up creatively. All the different soundscapes I find so evocative and emotionally charging. 

Do you prefer the creative side of recording or playing live gigs?

(Tom) That’s tough. They’re both equally exciting and exhausting in equal measure. Both have massive high’s and massive low’s when it all has to end. One thing we’re pretty sure of though is every artist could do without all the waiting around before you get to play. We all just have to play.


Tell us about your songwriting process

(Tom) Most commonly a song will come through a guitar line or a set of addictive chords, with the melody following very closely behind. Lyrics tend to take a lot longer. Many drafts will be written, thrown away or re worked as the song reveals what it needs to say. 

What music/artists influence you the most? 

(Tom) We all have so many and they tend to vary a great deal in genre/style/tone and atmosphere. The focus and importance on the song though always unites. Songwriters we all admire include, Noel Gallagher, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Radiohead, U2, Prince, Pearl Jam and on and on….. We’re also massive fans of movie soundtracks. They’ll often be some Hans Zimmer or Alexandre Desplat playing in the background over a few beers sat round a fire.

The two bands you'd recommend we check out are: 

HOLY HOLY, The War On Drugs

What are your plans for 2021?

(Tom) A string of single releases, followed by an EP ‘DIALOGUES OF THE FATAL FEW’ set to drop in November.
The years first single release is ‘I A FIRE’ out the 26th March 2021. Followed quickly by Singles ‘HOLD THE LINE’ - 28th May, ‘WHAT IS A LIFE’ - 30th July and ‘CLIMB’ - 24th September.

Live dates in the calendar include; READIPOP FESTIVAL - 6th July, O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON (Main Support THE WENDY JAMES BAND) - 1st October and ARE YOU LISTENING FESTIVAL - 9th October  with many more to follow we hope. 

Lastly, can you tell us about your new single 'I A FIRE'

(Tom) ‘I A FIRE’ is a celebration. A coming of age. A moment where we decide to no longer be a victim of our past and commit to realising potential. To focus on our future.

Lyrically the song explores the friction that occurs internally when such an aim is set. We battle doubt, we confront our own demons and inner voices to strive forever on. With the lessons of yesterday fueling tomorrow.

‘I A FIRE’ Empowers. It’s pretty dam anthemic too. We hope people are uplifted by I A FIRE. 

New single 'I A FIRE' is out now!

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