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2020 Releases

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Ever Hazel
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Twin Sun
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Matt Maltese
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Air Circus
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Flash Fires
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Cody Noon
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A - Z of Reading musicians single, EP & album releases for 2020

AbandonShip! – Get Blazed

Adam & Elvis – Pub Grub.

The Ady Baker Sound – Modern Day Ruined

Air Circus – Taste Of Your Temper, Something New, Purposefully Stranded, Here Again, Slow Down, Coco Moon, Fly Boy.

The Amazing Tiger Band - Smiles All Round_

The Amazons – Month Of May

Amys Ghost – Scarlets Grave

Andy Robbins - Sinners & Charlatans EP

Ash The Author – Transmit, Flowers  

As Loud As A Mouse – Where The Reptiles Go, Television Man

Avamo - In My Mind, Great Escape, Gone Was My Heart, In A Dream, Interlude

Ayden John Spiller - Lazy Boy

Bastette - Sunglass (acoustic), Stand Back

Calum Foad – Wanna Dance. Hope

Cascade – Coming Back to You

Cody Noon – Ace of Wands


Daed MEN - Zomb!e, Curveball, I Won't Let You Down for now, Suspend

Dandy Man – Passage Through Mediocrity

Deva St John – XV & Reckless ( out 1/1/21 )

Damien A Passmore – Sings in The Attic, Live at Club Velocity

Doops – Shangri-La, Deflections EP out 1.1.21

Drew the First - Forbidden, More, Idrc, Vibez You Know, Lit

DR SATSO - A Sour Milk Experience

Eat Daddy Eat – See My Way

Ever Hazel - Worlds Apart


Flammarion - Tides

Flashfires -EP, Quicker Than The Eye, Cezanne, Champagne On Mars, Circus Boy

The Final Clause of Tacitus – War Elephant, Nobody Gets Out Alive, Between The Lines

Forays - Old Not Up 

The Gaslights – The Ocean, Charmed

Here Are The Young Men & Friends – Do The Lockdown Version 1 & 2 ( via Soundcloud ) 

Herons – Devils Touch 

Interrupted - Never Opened, The Temptress

Jamie Larbalestier – About Time

Jarro - Gores, Enter, Hunger, Gestures

Jersey Bones - Brainsick / Komo – Bloodlines EP

J M Hatley - Push / A Thousand Wires Protruding From My Head

Joe Hicks – Joe Hicks Album

Joseph Marcus - Tell Me What You Think About Me, Summer Rain, Balance Interlude

Julia Titus – No Faith


The Keep Cats – I Hate You

Kodiak Island – The Amber Road

Launch Control – Attention Economy.

Limpopo Groove - Bopoto

LongDayLateNight – Falling Down The Stairs, Doc, Useless Complaints, Drunk and Broke 


Mariah Pariah - All Aboard The Mystery Machine

Masquerader – Demo Ep ( via soundcloud )

Matt Maltese – As The World Caves in ( Acoustic ),  Madhouse EP

Matt Stockl – The Great Western Railway Children

The May – The Be EP, Hell EP

Mellor – Heaven Isn’t Yours To Give, Lost In This World

Mirror Pictures - You Can’t Change The Past

Nightjjar – Nightjjar album

Nobodies Birthday – Shattered Dreams, Bridges, Drift Away, No Place To Hide


Ocean Ruins – Pretty Lies, Zero

Olly Chamberlain - If You're Gone

Ophelia Ray Band – The Woman

Pej - Cerrebulous

Phantom Booth – The Bath Sessions

Pink Diamond Revue – Diamonds Are Forever 

Ray Wills – Outta Here, Gotham, 5010, Do Your Thing, Space Invader, Dead Flies, Take Off

Reliant - Antisocial, Broken People

Romances – The Void

Roves – She

Searchlight Sun – Talk Talk, Christmas Morning

Shoals - The Collection, Counting Sheep

Skylephant – Phantom Power Remix of Parallel Life

Split The Dealer - Chinchilla, Harmony, XV

The Station - I Say Hello, Smile, What Do You Want This Christmas

St Peter’s Dream – What Molly Wants, Honey Hold Back

Sundara Karma – Kill Me Ep 

Tabi Gazele – Stand Up

Third Lung – Falling Stone, Nowhere Left To Hide, Desire (NJW Remix), Sooner Or Later (Acoustic), Desire  

Tiger Mendoza – TMSk8 – The Mixtape

Tom Houston - Bottle of You

Twin Sun – French Sunset

Typical Hunks – Platter (Live)

Valeras – Hear Me Out

Veridian – Novella EP

Vienna Ditto – Flat Earth

Who Killed Nancy Johnson – I See Six

Wolfs – I Like It That Way

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