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Split The Dealer

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How would you describe your music?

I've got a lot of energy, so I try to put that into my music, especially when it comes to playing live! But I would say 'honest', because I try to write about things I've been through and seen friends go through, rather than just scenarios or breaks ups etc.

You have a headline gig coming up at Sub 89 on 13th May! How are you feeling about it & what should the audience expect?

AYY I'm so so hyped for this show! I'm just spending the next few weeks trying to pack it out as much as possible so we can have a huge energy fueled gig! Lots of noise, hopefully some moshing haha.

You recently released a track called ‘Hard to Take’ with an awesome video, can you tell us about the meaning of the song?

Ahh yeah, Hard To Take is one of my favourite ones so far, it's got that pulsey vibe and I'm really happy with how it came out! The song itself is about that trapped feeling I think a lot of people felt during the first lockdown, where the doubts got louder and the walls got smaller each day. It was definitely a hard time, and I think writing about it actually helped a lot. Getting creative was distracting haha

Your music combines lots of elements from different genres but still with your own distinctive style, is that a dynamic you like to experiment with? I imagine your influences are quite broad? 

Ahh thankyou! I've grown up on a lot of rock/metal/hiphop and some Newton Faulkner etc, so it's a bit of a blend, but when starting Split The Dealer, I wanted to keep true to that. I think it helps that Rory and Harry have a wide range of music tastes between them as well so when we go to produce or record a track, it really gets it's own element.


Live shows vs recording in the studio? Which wins for you?!

Ahhhh I don't know, they both have so many different pro's aha. I love going into a studio for a day or two. Like when you turn up on a sunny day in the morning, knowing that by the end of it, you'll have a brand new song done, and all the stuff that goes on whilst recording is wicked aha. But playing live when people are interacting is an incredible feeling too!

You’ve super busy lately gigging all over the place! What have been the highlights for you?

Ayy yeah it's been a bit mad aha, but honestly just playing shows with Rory and Harry, and seeing people in different places around the UK singing the lyrics was sick! 

Lastly how is Larry & will he be at Sub 89?!

Ayyyy Larry's been a bit deflated at the moment, but he'll definitely be at sub89, along with 3 other Larries! And they'll be flying that night I'm sure haha.

The single 'Hard To Take' is out now & you can get tickets to the Sub89 headline gig here!

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