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Playing Field

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Describe ‘Playing Field’

Playing Field is the beginning of a creative journey.. Fronted by Spencer Withey - bassist Jocelin Lipp, drummer Ollie Barnett and guitarist Theo Lees pool their eclectic range of old and new references to jam new ideas, creating fresh rock grounded in the foundations of classic indie and alternative music.

Tell us about your new single!

Call The Shots is our debut single. Feeling a pressure to release something online after extensive gigging, there is no follow up single in the pipeline. This single will gently introduce you to our sound - but the releases that will follow will define our sound - we are constantly shifting our groove!


You take great care with your recording techniques to achieve the sound you want, can you tell us a bit more about that process & why you favour it?

We are extremely fortunate to have our university studios in Ealing (West London) at the moment - unlimited free studio time in great facilities, not at all bad?

However, the big downside of self-recording is over-thinking and over-layering a recording. This track could well have been finished weeks before - if we had to pay to be recording and had somebody there to tell us ‘it’s finished.. stop!

Still it is much fun to record ourselves and mess around with expensive microphones and toys, making it sound just the way we want it too. We even got to go to Metropolis Studios and sit in whilst Felix Davis mastered it, that was great!


What other artists influence your sound?

Really dig Thom Yorke’s new sounds with The Smile and ‘A Light for Attracting Attention’ - it sounds fun, beautiful and interesting. Godrich’s production is always wicked, definitely a big inspiration. 

You’ve been playing some cool gigs, what has been your highlight?

We supported Field Music back in Feb for IVW 22 at The Boileroom (Guildford) and we just supported Feet on their tour in Reading, but.. the most fun gigs for me have been in pubs not venues. It’s fun to show up to a busy shitty pub, with no one knowing or caring who you are - and just playing loud live music. 

I find empty ‘cool’ music venues quiet tiresome and uninspiring. Lots of being stood around with their hands in their pockets, waiting for the gig to end!


When & where can we catch you live?

Our next show is at The Finsbury in London on the 7th - hit up our Spotify or socials for ticket link and updates. We try and gig as much as we can - especially in and around London! We will probably be playing in Reading again in September. 


Name 3 other local bands we should check out

As Loud as a Mouse: Great gritty indie guitar punk fun

Brie: Great live set and catchy punk DIY vibe + great guys!

Kipper Gillespie: Beautiful indie/folk/rock stuff with a soft Irish accent!

New single 'Call The Shots' is out now!

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