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Neon Bloom

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Describe your music in 3 words

Noisy, alternative, emo.

Tell us about the new release!

This new release is another one of those Single/ B side format ones. Since everything I write varies quite a bit in mood, I always like to put out a B side that’s a bit of a different vibe compared to the single. I wrote both of these new songs in the space of about a week when it had just started getting cold and dark outside, and that sort of weather always puts me in more of an introspective mood, which definitely comes across in these two new songs.

Mother was written about that feeling of dissatisfaction from doing the same thing day in day out and how that stagnant feeling just weighs you down.

Simmer was written from a less personal point of view. I like taking inspiration from a lot of my super nerdy interests and luckily when I was writing this one House of the Dragon had just come out. There was a certain dramatic feel to the music that I couldn’t help sliding in some of those connotations, hence the talk of swords, wings, princes and kings.

Neon Bloom is a solo project & you are also in Reading band Elucidate, how different do you find the process of working in a band vs solo?

The solo process is SO much quicker, purely on account of the fact that if I like an idea, I can instantly write and put out a song by myself. When it comes to all the Elucidate material, we spend weeks sending files between each other and booking in practice sessions, sometimes for ideas that don’t ever make the final cut. With just me I can really dial in exactly my vision for the music whereas the band is such a collaborative space with so many different influences that it takes a while to find a perfect blend of everyone’s ideas. The real downside to the solo project is that you don’t get to have that eureka moment when your band mate plays something that you would never have thought of in a million years, and of course I love those guys and playing music with them is such a joy that I don’t get with the Neon Bloom stuff.

I hear different elements in all your releases but do you feel there are core influences or ideas that remain throughout all?

I think the core influence to all of the Neon Bloom music is that 2000s to early 2010s emo sound. Even on the songs that don’t try to capture that vibe there are still elements of that era of music plastered all over them. The earlier tunes definitely had that sort of vibe kind of reminiscent of bands like Basement or The Hotelier - with a bit more synth work of course - but the more recent ones have picked up a bit of a heavier Deftones-y energy to them.

If you’re supporting your favourite line up ever ( past or present ) who’s on the bill??

If you know me at all you know about my obsession with Enter Shikari and how their music really shaped me as a person so they’d be right at the top of the line up. I went through my teens listening to Bring Me The Horizon a lot so I’d put them on there too. Lets mix it up and throw in Treacherous Orchestra, who are an absolutely insane 12 piece Scottish traditional fusion rock group who I absolutely love. Whilst we’re in slightly weirder territory I’d put in Sungazer who are a great electronic fusion jazz band.

What sounds/aspects are you keen to explore on future tracks?
I would love to see how heavy I can push my music. I really love bands like Loathe and Deftones who have nailed that dichotomy between crushing heaviness and an almost beautiful delicate sound, so it would be really cool to explore that sort of avenue for new music.

At present this is a solo venture, are there hopes to form a band to bring this to a live audience?

I would absolutely love to put these tunes into a live setting! Whenever I write music I always picture myself playing it live. It’s just a matter of finding the right people and making it happen!

What 3 local acts should we check out?

I’m honour bound to mention my other band Elucidate, who have huge things planned for the next year, and of course our band-in-laws Masquerader who we share a drummer with. Those guys are brilliant, and they put on an incredible show so if you get a chance to catch them live you absolutely need to! Another bunch of great guys are The Mezz, who are really killing it at the moment so definitely check them out. I hear that there’s this Dakorra person who isn’t bad either…

The new singles 'Mother' and 'Simmer' are out now!  

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