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Jamie Larbalestier

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Describe your music in three words

Acoustic, Experimental, DIY

Since the March lockdown how has band life changed in terms of the creative process? 

Life has changed a lot! I released my Debut Album this year, so whilst I wasn't able to play any live shows or tour the album, I was fortunate that I had the time to set aside to work on the album. I recorded and mixed the bulk of the album between March and August; working on it every day like a job, really. It turned a pretty bleak period of time into an experience that I wouldn't have been afforded otherwise. 

Has lockdown varied the music you’re choosing to listen to or create?

I've been writing a lot more during the recording process, which is something that I've really enjoyed. I've tended to record a very basic version of the tracks and then write other instrument parts or sections depending on where the song felt like it was going. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who finds themselves in a writing rut. 

What do you most miss about gigging? 

Definitely playing with my friends and discovering new music that I enjoy. There's something great about listening to someone you've been listening to for years as they play a new, unreleased song for the first time. Discovering new musicians that I connect with is obviously something I miss as well. 

What’s your favourite music venue locally & why? 

The Rising Sun Arts Centre is definitely up there with the best in live music in Reading. I've only been lucky enough to play there a handful of times, but the shows are always memorable and it's a lovely room to play in.


Name another local act or two that we should check out. 

I'm a huge fan of The Seasons in Shorthand - I miss playing with those guys! Leon C is another act that I love. He's releasing an EP in December which I've had the pleasure of previewing - it's going to be really special. 

What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve ever played? 

There's a festival that, sadly, no longer exists in Jersey called Groove De Lecq. It was one of the few times I was lucky enough to get a band together for a live show. That was definitely one of my favourite live experiences that I've had. 

If you could support any band past or present who would it be? 

I'd have to go with Laura Marling. Not only is she an incredible musician, but she also manages to play in some incredible spaces. 

What are you working on at present? 

Currently I'm working on a few live videos as well as plugging About Time as hard as I can! 

Album 'About Time' is out now!  Check out the YouTube channel for live videos and facebook for a livestream.

Photo by F. Webb

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