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Ghosts in the Photographs

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As an instrumental band, do you think you approach songwriting from a different perspective?

Not really, like most bands/songwriters we’re looking for a hook or melody to latch onto and following it through to its natural conclusion. 

You have previously used spoken word audio clips within your songs.  At what stage of songwriting are these elements chosen? ( Are they inspirations for the music or chosen later as fitting to the piece? )

A bit of both really, inspiration can come from anywhere , anyone of us can hear a phrase spoken or piece of commentary on a documentary or show and bring it in, sometimes that can set the mood of a track or feel like it just fits well with something we’ve already created. 

Do you prefer studio work or the energy of playing live?

It’s hard to pick between the two, they both have their pros and we like to approach both differently so you’re not getting the same experience from listening to us on cd as you would seeing us live.

We like to take our time in the studio, really fleshing out the sounds and layering textures upon each other whilst taking advantage of the studio setting and equipment we usually wouldn’t have access to, whereas live we like to keep it really visceral and raw, just as a loud ass 3 piece, plus seeing people’s reactions to the live show is really cool, not having a vocalist means people are taking away something different from the music so the feedback is always very varied and appreciated. 

You have been involved with creating soundtracks to theatre & film, tell us about that

Creating scores is a definitely a line of work we’d love to carry on with, scoring a film was a great experience, totally different from anything we’d done before.

Creating the music for a play at the Reading Theatre was a lot of fun too, the brief for everyone was to create a new script, play and score in the day and perform it that very same night. Seemed a lot to take on at the start of the day but was very rewarding after the performance.

What’s your most memorable live gig?

Brent - The Punt (2015) at The Wheatsheaf in oxford, it sort of set the benchmark for us and opened a lot of possibilities moving forward. 

George - The Punt was kind of like the opening of arms from the oxford scene to us, everyone attending had an appetite for new music. 

Iain - For me it was Oxjam at The Library, Oxford. The venues tiny, everyone’s crammed in and it gets real loud and sweaty, a breeding ground for tinnitus


Tell us about the new single

We’ve been sat on that track for a while now, lockdown be damned, so it’s been great to finally get into the studio and feel creative again.  We worked with Umair Chaudhry again who really gets our sound, the response has been fantastic too, can’t wait to get out and play it live now.

Name a couple of other local acts we should check out

Worry, Ideal Marriage, Hope Burden

What’s next for GITP?

Well now the worlds opening up we’re starting to book shows again, have shows in both Oxford and Reading coming up before the end of the year. Also releasing a second single this November, so keep an eye out for that.

New single 'Buildings that wont fall down when you want them to' is out now!  GITP play Reading Rising Sun Arts 12th November and have another new single coming out next month also....!

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