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Ghosts in the Photographs

'This is Forever' - album review

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There is a beautiful dynamic that Ghosts in the Photographs capture, which is the delicate juxtaposed with the crushingly heavy. The instrumental post rock trio are masters of the slow build and the debut album ‘This is Forever’ balances the live energy of the band whilst allowing time for the tracks to immerse you into the subtly building layers.

‘We Did What We Could In Isolation, Awaiting The Darkness’ is a perfect example of GITP playing to all their strengths. The spoken word clips are well chosen as two impacting opposites in emotion and the intensity of the track slowly builds into a thunderous energy.  A really powerful composition.

The use of strings within ‘FLRH’ and ‘Bad Milk Blood’ compliment the tracks perfectly, adding that extra fragility and darkness yet euphoric lift.  

It is also a great way to end the album as the final track ‘The Day After Gomorrah’ ( which features a surprise guest vocal from Josh Day of The Hope Burden ), goes from being the heaviest track on the album to an ending of beautiful strings calmly playing out.  An unexpected and glorious way to end the album.

A super impressive debut album from the Oxford trio!

The album 'This is Forever' is out now and GITP will be performing live at their album launch show on 3rd March at Port Mahon, Oxford ( limited tickets left on the door as all online tickets now sold out! ) and at ‘Are You Listening’ festival in Reading on 6th May.


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