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Describe your music in 3 words 
Heavy, atmospheric, melodic 

You have a great balance of dynamics in your sound between the delicate then descending into heavy, what are your key musical influences?

Each member of the band will definitely say that they have different musical influences. However, collectively we do all take influence from post-metal, hardcore and progressive metal genres. Bands such as Rolo Tomassi, Cult of Luna and Spiritbox are definitely bands we all respect and appreciate. 

I love your image, how has that evolved & do you find it a strong tool when performing live?

We have definitely developed Forlorn’s aesthetic over recent years and this ties into the pagan influence within the band. This definitely gives us more of a spiritual feel when we're performing live and ties into the more harmonic and melodic elements of the music. It also adds an additional layer to our live shows as well and compliments the heavier and more chaotic elements of our music. 


Tell us about the new single - ’The Weight Of It All’

It's been a few years in the making and we're super proud of how it has come out along with the kind reception it has received. We feel like it shows the development we have made in the band in recent years and the direction we want to continue down. 

A little bird told me your videos are often based around horror movies, is that true? 

Yes, as a band we have a keen interest in movies in general but we have a love for horror and mainly folk horror. In particular, we love movies such as Hereditary, Midsommar and The Witch and you can definitely see where these have influenced our music videos. These movies have a lot of themes that we have tried to show our appreciation towards, in regards to paganism and spirituality. 

What sounds/aspects are you keen to explore on future tracks?

We're definitely wanting to push the darker, more atmospheric elements of the music we've put out so far.

You’ve been gigging all over the place! What has been your most memorable live event?

We have played with so many amazing bands despite us only really starting to gig in 2021 because of the pandemic. We supported our friends Ithaca and Pupil Slicer in London last year which was an amazing and wholesome experience. The final show we played in London with Urne and Devil Sold His Soul in April 2022 was also an amazing experience. 

Where can we catch you live next?

We're currently doing a run of shows around the UK and we'll be playing at the Dev in Camden on the 17th of February and at the Monocle in Leicester on 18th February.

New single 'The Weight of it all' is out now! Check out the full tour dates via the social media links.

Photo credit - PurpleYam Productions

February 2023

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