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How would you describe your music?

This is a tricky one because we all have really different taste in terms of what we listen to individually, so each of us bring something really different to the table when we write! I suppose it’s a big genre smush of rock, indie, metal and probably a bunch of other stuff!


You recently remastered your last EP and did a sellout show after a time out of gigging, how does it feel to be back?!

Soooo gooooood!!! I know that all four of us live and breathe to put on gigs like that. The feeling of being onstage and stirring something in the room is just unbeatable. It’s something I want to do forever. 

Tell us about the new single?

Huge nerd alert, but it’s actually inspired by my [Theo’s] favourite tv show, Supernatural. In terms of the lyrics, I really wanted to talk about the codependency that the two main characters have from an outside perspective. In terms of the sound, there’s sooo many influences in there! I think it’s a fresh sound for us but still quintessentially Elucidate. I hope everyone gets as hype to it as we do!

I love the way you combine heavy riffs at times with a more delicate vocal, it works so well, do you consciously play with dynamics & mix genres?

To an extent, yeah. I [Theo] really don’t have much power behind my voice; I can’t belt and I lose a lot of control if I push it too much. It’s something I’m working on but I really enjoy the push and pull of big, hard-hitting instrumentals versus my delicate, overtly feminine voice. I think it’s interesting to listen to and I love making it!

Leading on from that, what is your process when songwriting?

I’d love to say we have this really creative artsy way of doing it but generally we just jam for hours until something cool comes out! It’s always really fun though, if we hit dead ends we all end up screwing around and being stupid with our instruments. Once we get into the groove of an idea though, it flows like water and we all get super excited about it!!

How did you pick your band name?

Elucidate means to shed light on or make something clear and originally we all wanted to have more of a politically driven vibe, so we went with that name. In the end we all kind of unanimously came to the conclusion that it’s emotionally exhausting to fill your hours with all the bad news you see online and on tv and we found that writing about our own feelings and experiences is way more fulfilling and worth our time!

What music acts influence your sound?

There’s so many!! All of us listen to so much music and on such a broad spectrum, too. I personally listen to basically everything from Meshuggah to The Sugarcubes to One Direction. I know the boys listen to tonnes of different artists, too. Something I realised recently is that I get a lot of new ideas that are inspired by people we gig with. Recently we gigged with Deva St. John, and her songwriting is just awesome. So creative and interesting to listen to, and I found myself just wanting to get into a rehearsal space and try things out. You really can find some absolute gems within local music scenes!

Where can we catch you live? 

We’ve got a few coming up for the summer; We’re supporting Coach Party at Face Bar 26th May, a local night in Henley on June 24th, Readipop fest on July 10th and a couple others we can’t talk about yet… We’re so stoked - it’s gonna be an awesome summer!

New single 'Crossroads' is out now!

Photo Credit - Andy Wicks

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