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What three words describe your music?

Conceptual ... whimsical ... miscellaneous ...


You recorded your first album ‘Sour Milk Experience’ during lockdown, how did you find that? Were you able to gig it?

We did! Most of us hadn't recorded anything before so we didn't have anything to compare with. We actually went through pretty drastic line-up changes between writing and recording so we had to learn different parts at the last minute. Due to the lockdown rules at the time it was tricky recording one by one in the 'studio' (garage), with the door open as well. We had to redo takes over and over because of various road noises getting picked up by the mics. As for gigging it, we had to wait 7 months after the release to play the newly reconstructed songs but we certainly came out of lockdown feeling ready to share something that felt exciting. 

Tell us about your new single, is it in keeping with Sour Milk?

Zed Pepper is a tune we've tinkered with for a while, it was in the setlist pre-lockdown but is pretty unrecognisable in its new form. It inspired the concept of the upcoming project so it seemed fitting to release it as an introduction. Sonically, it is probably the most 'ASME' track of the new bunch so it's a nice segway - expect driving guitar lines and frenzied drumming! 

What other artists influence your sound?

I think we all bring our own influences when we write, like some kind of raging melting pot. There is little overlap in what inspires us individually ... 3/4 of us are really into King Gizzard but I think that's the best we could do! 


How did you pick your band name?

HAHA! It's a secret acronym that only we know, there are clues dotted around on various artworks though to keep you busy. We're open to guesses but no one has come close yet. The first time we all met up our bassist just blurted it out and it stuck as a suggestion. Don't take it too seriously, we certainly don't.


When & where can we catch you live?

We're playing in London for the first time on June 4th which we're really excited about! It's at Roadtrip & The Workshop in Shoreditch. There will be some Reading gigs too over the summer so keep an eye out! 

Name 3 other local bands we should check out

As Loud As A Mouse are just killing it right now, as are Masquerader, Doops just get better and better every time we catch them ... honestly I could name 30.

The local music scene in Reading feels energised atm, are you enjoying being part of it?!

It's such a warm scene of bands who genuinely love each other's music and want to shout about it from the rooftops. Masquerader are putting on their own live events too which has been great for new bands to get to perform. It's all love in RDGUK right now, it's a great time for people to come hang out and get involved in our little noisy worlds. 

New single 'Zed Pepper' is out now!

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