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Pick three words to describe your music

Bouncy. Melancholic. Crispy

Introduce us to Dogmilk

Ellis: We came about at the end of 2021 after mine and Ed’s attempts to be a synth pop duo didn’t work out quite how we were thinking! It was pretty shit to be honest. We needed a drummer really and that’s where Tom came in and we hit it off almost instantly. He really is rather good.


Ed: We knew we needed to start a band and get the buzz from playing live so we crammed together a show for our first gig and just kept going.


Tom: I knew Ellis and Ed from their time in Slate Hearts, who were one of my favourite Oxford bands at the time, so it was a no-brainer to jump at the chance when they asked. 

How did you pick your band name?

Ellis: I was wondering at work why we only get milk from cows and goats generally, and the thought of a carton of dog milk gave me a chuckle.


Tom: Watching people's facial reactions when you say “we’re called ‘Dogmilk’” makes it worth keeping just for that. 


Ed: It’s certainly a name people don’t forget.

Tell us about the new singles Deep End & Parrot

Ellis: Deep End took an eternity to write and went through many variations over probably about 2 years but we are very happy with how it’s turned out! Parrot was a pretty quick process but that’s probably because it’s a simpler song; it’s got a darker vibe to it than the more upbeat Deep End but you can still wiggle ya hips to it.


Ed: I actually had the chords for the deep end verse for about 4 years! It’s like 3 songs pushed together with only the good bits left. Like eating a great three course meal. Parrot was Ellis’ baby and Tom and I helped raise it into an angsty teenager.


Tom: They’ve both got a healthy dollop of wood-block In the drum beat and that never fails makes me happy. 


Who or what influences your music?

Ellis: The desire to have fun really; but as Ed always says, it’s only fun if it’s not shit. 


Ed: Anything you can sing along or dance to these days. I loved the latest Matthew e white album.


Tom: We’ve all got a diverse range of influences which seem to intersect at 80s synth pop bizarrely - maybe that fuels the desire to be on the correct side of the shit line. 

You’ve been involved in different bands on the Oxford music scene for a time, where are your favourite venues to play & why?

All: The Cellar will always be a favourite for all three of us, but unfortunately it’s closed down like so many other venues in Oxford which is a shame. (RIP upstairs at The Wheatsheaf too)

The Port Mahon is back now and we’ve been loving it there, small enough for some intense energy but big enough so that you won’t suffocate! 


Tom: I like the sweaty raucousness of the Library too but that’s probably because I’m not a vocalist… 


Ed: Bring back the community centre! We’ve had some fun there.

What 3 local acts should we check out?

Ellis: The Bobo. Spank Hair. Self Help.


Tom: Slow Drift, bedd, Juniper Nights


Ed: Octavia Freud. Garden Centre. Max Blansjaar.

The singles 'Deep End' and 'Parrot' are out now!

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