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Deva St John

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Describe your music in three words

I like to be honest. I’m pretty emotional, and I like the music to rock. So, like - honest, emotional rock? Though emotional might imply emo and it’s not really that, though there is a little inspiration of that in there. Honest, spirited rock? I like that! Honest, spirited rock.


Since the March lockdown how has band life changed in terms of the creative process?

Making music has been tough. I’ve written a lot, but I spent the first half of the year without a voice. My health hasn’t been great, so actually if there was ever a time for a pandemic to put the whole world on pause, it’s personally been quite convenient that it happened this year. Working on anything in any practical sense was impossible for a while. Though, as soon as autumn hit and my health was in a better place, we jumped into the studio and recorded two new songs.


Has lockdown varied the music you’re choosing to listen to or create?

Well, I didn’t realise how much my sanity relied on my voice until it was gone. Usually, I write quite dynamic songs. I love strong topics and big noises. When I’m feeling good, I rarely write about myself and if I do, it’s usually about wondrous existential stuff or very occasionally, love. I spent a lot of this year writing about myself through a bit of a darker lens. For a while, it hurt to even listen to music. I just wrote a ton of depressing poetry and put together some basic production ideas. I’ll turn it all into music at some point.


What do you most miss about gigging?

That “just self-expressed” feeling. Making a big sound with the people I love. Connecting with an engaged and enthusiastic audience. Gigging is the best part! I miss it like hell.


What’s your favourite music venue locally & why?

My favourite venue is probably Purple Turtle. It’s a great spot in town, usually packed and they always put on a banging show.

Name another local act or two that we should check out

Split The Dealer is a brilliant local musician. We actually released a song together called XV. His stuff is on the heavier side of indie pop and he’s inspired by a pretty varied mix of music. He’s into hip hop, heavy rock, acoustic and pop, and it all comes across in his music. I love him, he’s insanely talented.

Another local favourite is Doops! They’re a trio of very talented dudes and their music is like trippy, dreamy space-grunge rock. I’m very lucky to have Andy from Doops playing guitar for my music and the songs are definitely better for it. 


What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?

They’ve all been pretty memorable! I’ve only been playing live since last year, so I haven’t got a load to choose from. I smashed my old phone at the Purple Turtle one night. It was broken beyond repair and I figured I could smash it after The Information Age for, you know, ~*theatrical*~ reasons. I didn’t expect it to explode like it did! I remember thinking “Damn, that’s in ten thousand pieces now.” Hopefully there wasn’t a lot to clean up - I think I gathered up the worst of it. Thankfully, no one got glass in their eye either. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.


If you could support any band past or present who would it be?

Past or present! Oh my god, I don’t know. Well, I mean if I could teleport back to the 60s it would’ve been cool to circulate the Hendrix / Joplin scene. More realistically though, I can imagine a Paramore crowd would dig my stuff. If Alanis Morissette ever tours again, that’d probably be the best match! If I could hop on a Jack White tour too that’d just about make my entire life. I’d die happy.


What are you working on at present? 

I’ve been working on the release plans for the two new songs, and I’m demoing stuff to put together in the new year. The goal at the moment is to attract a decent manager! It’d be so great to work with someone experienced, connected and passionate. There’s only so much you can do by yourself. Outside of music, I work as an actor. Lately, I’ve been voicing a lot of video games, and next week I begin filming a new TV series.


'XV' was released February 2020 and new single 'Reckless' is out 1st Jan 2021! 

Check out the YouTube channel for awesome videos.

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