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Cities in Dust

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Describe your music in 3 words

Beat laden Indietronica

Tell us about your new single!

When dystopian dreams meet transcendental grooves, it's time for freaky dancing.

What other artists influence your sound?

Too many to list them all, but here’s a few.  The Shangrila's, Massive Attack, Lee Perry, Radiohead, The Smiths, TGTB&TQ, Ride, MBV, Tony Allen, Fluke, Primal Scream, Beastie Boys, Gong and Neu!

How did you pick your band name?

‘Cities in Dust’, as a moniker, came about during the post-Brexit period. The band was inspired by The Good, The Bad and The Queen’s lyric: ‘on this stroppy little island with mixed up people’. We felt it captured the dystopian mood of the time, made succinct by the Siouxsie and the Banshees’ song title.

What is your favourite gig memory from the Reading scene? 

Watching Red Snapper at The face Bar at the recent show we supported and playing to a packed audience including Steve Lamacq, Jon Kennedy & The Amazons at Are you listening? Festival in 2018.

Name 3 other local bands we should check out

Ash The Author, No Feathers and Workin' Man Noise Unit.

When & where can we catch you live?

Bunkfest 4th-6th Sept and West End Centre, Aldershot 15th October.

New single 'The Other Son' is out now!

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