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Bruno Muerte

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Describe your music in 3 words

Techno – Western - ElectroClash


Who inspires your sound?

Chemistry, disasters, dreams, flowers, curiosity, and how nature is following very determined patterns (my OCD).

I hear you have a new band mate..?!

Yes! As you know Bruno Muerte started with me and Roberto Bini on guitars. Bini went back to Italy in October; I took some weeks off, trying to understand what to do with the project. I never intended to stop BM, though, this is why I asked Nigel Firth (The May, Vienna Ditto) to join forces. The project is going really well and playing with Nigel is amazing; we never run out of ideas. BM is back. 

Has the band taken a different direction sound wise with the new line up change? 

I cite what Ronan from Nightshift Magazine said about Monodrone: “This new single shows a relatively seamless transition to the new incarnation of the band – flowery 80s synth flourishes making way for unabashedly showy guitar of a similar vintage”


Tell us about the new single!

‘Monodrone’ is the first single out on 23rd March with the new line-up, it will be part of a new EP coming out (hopefully) by May. It’s going really well, lots of positive feedback. We worked a lot on it and I’m very happy of how it sounds. New people, new sounds, new instruments, new synths, same BM vibes. 

Who is Bruno Muerte and why did you pick that band name? 

This is a question a lot of people ask me: who the f@£$% is Bruno Muerte? He’s an alcoholic Italian undertaker. I told him about the project, he’s very proud and loves it. He has a BM badge on his pyjamas, apparently.

As the music is largely instrumental, what is your starting point when making a new track?

Telling you a secret: Most of the tracks I created came from dreams. What I tried (and I’m trying) is to translate into music what ‘I’ve seen’ in a way. This is why Bruno Muerte project seems like a soundtrack for long trips to nowhere.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Many people. Oxford/Reading Music Scene is impressive, it is massive and it’s alive. During these tough times where music was affected hugely, lots of people created such an incredible amount of good music (mentioning here Moth Drop, Lee Switzer, Tiger Mendoza (3 albums!), Moogieman, Julia-Sophie). I am incredibly proud of being part of it. If I have to pick one band right now, I would love to have a feat. with Pink Diamond Revue (Tim, get ready!).

Where can we catch you live?

We are playing on the 8th April together with our label mates Pandapopalypse and Mila Todd for a Double Single Release Party at The Library, Oxford (tickets here )

The new single 'Monodrone' is out now!

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