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How would you describe your sound?

I think of us as a DIY pop band.

Who or what inspires your sound?

Paul Simon, Frank Ocean, Karen Dalton
Frank O'Hara, William Carlos Williams
Batteries, books, bones, bench presses

Tell us about the new single!

Our track "Crying in the Bathroom" is written from the viewpoint of someone with an unhealthy obsession who can't get what they want. It started out as a reverby piano-based ballad about being mean and insensitive to people, but gradually morphed into a gentle contemplation on how we can get so caught up in our first-person perspectives that we fail to see what's really happening. The scratchy banjo recording that Patch sent us on whatsapp is one of my favourite sounds we've ever used in a song.

You released the EP ‘Everything’s Alright in the Evening’ during lockdown last year, have you had the opportunity to play the songs live yet? 
We were worried that releasing an EP during lockdown would be like screaming into the void, but the songs are kind of time capsules from that period and it felt important to share it with the world without overthinking it too much. It was nice to feel more connected during a time that was focused on separation. We've been waiting a very long time to play these songs live, but almost two years later it's finally happening.

Who designs your artwork & concepts for your videos?

We've worked with a lot of amazing people on our artwork and videos. It's really fun to bring new people in to help build out the 'world' of the music with their unique visual languages. It's hard to put into words what that world exactly looks like, but it feels right when we see it.

What is your process with songwriting?

Usually we write songs directly into Ableton by building up musical loops and adding far too many instruments and complexity. We add some placeholder lyrics and vocals to get a sense of what the song might become. Then we undergo a subtractive process where we try to remove as much as possible, only leaving things that are really contributing something. It feels like piling up loads of layers of different clays, letting it sit and harden, then gradually carving out a statue from the mass of rock.

You must be excited for the upcoming shows, where can we catch you live?

These shows are going to be so special and we are very excited! Come hang with us at our headline shows in London (Colours, Hoxton 15th April 2022) and our Oxford homecoming show (Jericho Tavern, 19th April 2022). We're lucky to have an amazing bunch of support acts joining us and it's going to be a big party. 

The new single 'Crying in the Bathroom' is out now!

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