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As Loud As A Mouse

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Describe your music in 3 words

Indie. Math. Punk!

Tell us about the new single!

Cat Gone Dog is our debut single about us channelling rage creatively. Even cats have to bark sometimes.

Your live shows have a great energy, how did you go about capturing that with your recording?

Even when tracking our parts separately in a studio we always performed to each other. Luke often still danced and moving about while recording in the studio, which I'm sure isn't great for the sound engineers but Luke has a good time.

The local music scene in Reading seems to be energised at present, tell us about the gigs you have been involved with for the alt scene there & elsewhere

Since the end of lockdown there has been a real hunger for new music in Reading. DIY events organised by us and fellow Reading musicians like Masquerader’s "Nothing Will Change" gig nights are so exciting to be a part of because we see a real community grow every time!

Following on from that question, what has been your favourite live show to date?

Our show at the Castle Tap on the 19th Feb definitely felt like a special one. Packing a tiny pub with our friends and seeing so many people singing along to our songs was a favourite moment to date for both of us.  

How did you pick your band name?

Luke: I came up with the name when I was 15 years old, writing guitar riffs in my bedroom and when I approached Simon to first form the band, I presented him with the name, he loved it straight away and it stuck!

Name three bands on the local scene we should check out.

The scene is starting to get active in the community again and Masquerader and Dr Satso are fantastic for meeting all your hardcore and rock needs. For some lighter funkier entertainment, we both think everyone must check out The Air Circus if they haven't already.

Are you excited for your AYL fest gig?! Any surprises in store??
Excited is an understatement! We are both big fans of the festival and have been attending for years so it's a real treat for us to be asked to play with people who we’ve been listening to for a while like Pip Blom and Bob Vylan. We’ll be sure to have plenty of surprises in store for our performance, so be sure to come and see our performance to find out for yourself!

What’s next for As Loud As A Mouse?!

We’re working with Big Richard Records to record and release a lot more in the future. Meanwhile, we’re going to continue to perform as much as possible in the local scene and in London.

The new single 'Cat Gone Dog' is out now on Big Richard Records!

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