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Adam & Elvis

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Has lockdown varied the music you’re choosing to listen to or create?

Not greatly. I have however reignited my love affair with the 60s and old school pop in general. This could be due to a serious lack of anything new being released and also a lot of time available to listen to music. Wesley Gonzalez on repeat too.

What do you most miss about gigging?

Just getting our music out there. Our songs have always worked better live. With the energy and antics. We had just had a real good run of shows leading up to the first lockdown so it was very frustrating.

What’s your favourite music venue locally & why?

Probably The Rising Sun Arts Centre. Its a top little venue that actually tries to put on interesting acts and doesn't just stick the latest trend on..we have played some of our best and worst gigs there. You never know what you will get.


Name another local act or two that we should check out.​

Doops are great, they just put out a new tune. Mellor sometimes come out with a great pop tune from time to time too. 

What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?

Probably with meatraffle at the George Tavern. There were many factors that made that gig so insane. I won't talk about them here as I don't know what audience will be reading this. We supported the zombies once at sub 89 years back which was a great idea in concept. But to say they were "past it" by then would be an understatement. 


If you could support any band past or present who would it be?

Past - the pogues (mid 80s)

Present - Fat White Family

What are you working on at present? 

We have got an EP ready to record. Unfortunately we can't just get in a room together and do it at the moment. But it will come out asap. Hopefully January or February. 

New album 'Pub Grub' is out now!  Check out the YouTube channel for 'Settlers Street' video.

Main photo by Nick Slade

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