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The Gold Supply

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What three words describe your music?

Cinematic, Melancholic, Dark.

What musical influences inspire your sound?

Like all bands we’ve been influenced by hundreds of bands over the years and we’ve actually created a spotify playlist together to show some of the main bands.  There are 21 songs on the playlist and we’ve consciously and unconsciously ripped of all of those acts!.  

If I had to choose just one album to include it would have been Spiritualized’s “Live at the Albert Hall”. It’s such a hugely ambitions record: multiple styles, varying dynamics, lots of layers but with some great grooves and chorus sections. If you take a look through the playlist I think that’s a common theme in all the songs we’ve selected. 

I think more than most bands, we’re also influenced strongly by films and film soundtracks.  We’re huge fans of all those Nordic crime thrillers and that weird, dark mood that they brilliantly capture. 

We have quite a cinematic view of music and during the writing process we often talk about what a song might “look” like - what kind of film scene would our song go with.  

The lead single ‘Something Like You’ has a fierce energy & almost tribal chant to it, tell us about that track?

Sample Lyric:  “I don’t wanna go that way with something like you”

Whilst the lyric is “something like you” this song isn’t about someone else, it’s about yourself.  Are you happy with yourself?  Would you choose to be your friend?  Would you be in a relationship with someone like you?  I think the first step in a being a good partner to someone else is to think about whether youre a good partner to yourself.  Do you give yourself a break or are you constantly beating yourself up about not doing well enough or being good enough?  The song has a football chant in the chorus which works really well live.  Come and see us play and you can shout “oh oh oh oh oh” as loud as you can. 

Why did you choose that track as the first single, does it set the tone for the EP?

We’re probably not a ‘singles’ band in all honesty and all five tracks on our EP “Open Lines” are closely linked to each other in terms of their mood and dynamics.  So, making a choice on which song to release as a single was quite tricky.  I think all five songs only work if you have heard the other songs.  But… we needed something to share with people in advance and ‘Something Like You’ was one that we felt captured the spirit of the band within those three minutes.

How did you pick your band name?
It’s got quite a deep meaning actually!  The Gold Supply refers to the sun which ultimately supplies the earth with gold.  Scientists have calculated that the Sun contains almost 2.5 trillion tons of gold, enough to fill Earth's oceans and more. Gold absolutely pervades our lives. The element is in every cellphone and computer. We coat sunglasses and astronaut visors with it. Gold thread is used in electronics and in clothing. Nations pay their debts with gold. We make precious objects out of it, from jewelry to religious statues. But there’s one common trend here across all ancient and modern civilizations: gold is a status symbol used to separate one class from another. From emperors to priests to the elites and upper middle class, those who held the gold also tended to hold power.

Whats next for The Gold Supply and where can we catch you live?
We’ve really excited to have just signed to the infamous AnalogueTrash record label and they are releasing our EP ‘Open Lines’ just in time for the summer (29th April). It's available on all the streaming platforms as well as CD etc. We’ll then play some shows to promote that EP and the dates will be confirmed over the next few weeks!  

The EP 'Open Lines' is out now!

Photo Credit - Lydia Victoria

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