2021 Releases

Deva St. John
The Keep Cats

A - Z of Reading musicians single, EP & album releases for 2021

Alice L - Livin Without

Andy Robbins - Beautiful Day ( live )

Ash The Author & Unitz - Incognito

Avamo - One Day More

Bethia - What You Do To Me

BIGG - Artificial Girl

Biometrix & Rhi'N'B - Empires

Chaos Emeralds - Chaos Emeralds ( 4 track cassette via Bandcamp )

Charlie Butler - Wogan Skull

Chloe Payne - Out of Luck

Cities In Dust - This Chaotic Shop

Deva St. John - Reckless, Preacher

Deyah - Ultimate Dinner Party 

D Live - Pull Up

Doops - Deflections

DROF - Decameron

Failed Authors - Leni

Hokum - Blind Searcher

Holly Perry - Broken Love

Indica Palm Radio - You Want What You Can't Have 

Izzy Adams - A Constant Reminder

Izzy Moriarty Whyte - Walking With You

Joseph Marcus - Idwu, You Lost Me

Katie Ellwood - The Only Thing, Self Love

Katie King - You Are Home, Merseyside 

Mariah Pariah - Love Songs for a Flat Earther ( album )

Mellor - Lost in this World

Michael Burns-Peake - London

Morph - Manifest 

Neon Bloom - Gold Medals Are For Losers

Nora Mac - Be True

Olly Chamberlain - Ice

Perry Boy - When Autumn Comes

Rachel Redman - Against the Tide

Red Tape Resistance - Time Is A Killer

South Africa Road - Just Let Me

Split The Dealer - Wage A War

Tayo Sound - Runaway

The Amazing Tiger Band - Could It Be Rhythm?_

The Final Clause of Tacitus - Something's Gonna Break

The Keep Cats - Broken Bones

The Station - Start Again

Tom Houston - What A Beautiful Mess, The Happiest I've Ever Been

Wolfs - Feeling So Good